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Movie Night

Fandom: Luceti
Characters: Litchi Faye-Ling, Tsubaki Yayoi, Samurai Goroh, Yellow-13, Taokaka
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not a damn thing.
Notes: I BLAME BLAZPIECE. Also, House 48 is clearly the coolest house in all of Luceti. It's got an entertainment center.

Set after this current plot I've got going, while Litchi is recovering and has nothing better to do than watch movies all day on Goroh's TV set.

'...Is that Die Hard?'Collapse )

I don't even know.

Fandom: Blazblue
Characters: Sector Seven again ;;
Rating: PG for Kokonoe's mouth
Warnings: Spoilers for Continuum Shift
Notes: Set in luceti. Because I couldn't shake the mental image of presquiggly!Arakune continually taking more and more library books without returning them... and Litchi just happily doting on him while he's buried in books.

I still think this kind of sucks. ;;Collapse )

Holidays in S7

Fandom: Blazblue
Characters: Sector Seven (Kokonoe, Tager, Litchi, Arakune)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Drunken Litchi within. Tread carefully.
Notes: I... have no idea. This just came to mind one day. Continuum Shift Spoiler Warning Arakune's pre-squiggly name has been edited in. Careful now.

It isn't until she's cornered Tager and somehow managed to get lipstick and mascara onto him that things take a turn for the worse.Collapse )

Linhua is a troll and we all know it.

Fandom: Blazblue
Characters: Litchi Faye-Ling, Linhua, and an indirect Bang Shishigami
Rating: G
Warnings: BELL PEPPERS!!!
Notes: Because we were talking in BlazPiece about how Linhua looks like she could be Bang's little sister... which sealed the idea that the bell pepper plant in Litchi's clinic was her doing. Coincidence? I think not.

HOW CAN THIS *BE*?!Collapse )


Fandom: Guilty Gear
Characters: Baiken, Justice
Rating: Probably PG-13 due to violence
Warnings: I, uh, was not very nice to Baiken in this one. >>
Notes: This one was actually inspired by discedo. The Medicine Seller and Baiken were talking about what would happen if Justice showed up and somehow managed to get her powers back. Baiken's words were, "I'd fight her. I'd try to stop her 'til my dying breath."

I ended up really wanting to write out the fight scene, so here it is. It ended up location-neutral, though, so it could work as GG-verse or Discedo-verse. There's technically a second part that was Discedo-based and was Anji and Chipp scolding her for running off on her own to fight a Commander Gear, but that turned out crappy, so it got axed out.

'Kaa-san... Tou-san... I...'Collapse )

Fandom: Guilty Gear
Characters: Anji, Baiken, and Chipp (ABCs, yo!)
Rating: PG-13 for Chipp and Baiken's mouths
Warnings: None
Notes: Part of the 50-fic challenge for ABC. The prompt word was "sunshine".

'It's a beautiful day,' sang AnjiCollapse )

Fandom: Guilty Gear
Characters: Anji, Baiken
Rating: PG-13 again for Baiken being Baiken.
Warnings: Semi-spoiler for Bridget's story mode in Accent Core Plus, but it's really nothing major. If you don't want to know the order of characters he fights, then, uh, skip this.
Notes: I couldn't resist this one after Bridget's story mode fight against Anji. 50-fic challenge again, this time for "confide."

'Look, Anji, I don't want to hear any shit from you about this...'Collapse )

perhaps a little TOO accurate...

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: The Marauders!
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: Another spawned by talking to Cub. Behold ironic joking in all its glory!

James and Sirius are accidental prophets.Collapse )


Oct. 10th, 2009

Fandom: Pokemon
Characters: Female RSE Protag (named Quinn), a Swampert, and Brendan Birch
Rating: G
Warnings: None at all~
Notes: As requested by the lovely kiri_no_tanuki, a scene which has vividly remained in my mind ever since I started fishing for Feebas on Emerald ages ago. ♥

A slow grin started to twitch across her face as it rang.Collapse )

Feb. 27th, 2009

Fandom: Guilty Gear
Characters: Anji and Baiken
Rating: PG for mild potty-mouth.
Warnings: Uh... mild potty-mouth. Also fluff warning.
Notes: I decided I would tackle the 50 fic challenge unofficially, and that I would fic Anji, Baiken, and Chipp, or any combination thereof. Because I love my ABCs. This one was for "trust."

He could be such a damn woman.Collapse )
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters: Butch and Cassidy
Notes: I have been a Neoshipper for ten years. That should be sufficient warning enough.

Also, I got tired of seeing horrible Cassidy characterization in fics and so on and so forth, so I thought I'd try to do her justice.

You're going to smudge it!Collapse )
Fandom: Stephanie Plum
Characters: Stephanie, Morelli, Bob, and Rex
Notes: Challenged by coyul with "G rated"

Guard Stephanie, you mutt.Collapse )